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Daniel Murphy

If you’ve followed the Milwaukee music scene in recent years, you’ve heard the great music made by talented local artists like SistaStrings, Nickel&Rose, and Warhola Cats. What you might not know is that those songs and countless others were recorded right here in Washington Heights.

Audio engineers Andrew Jambura, Chuck Zink and Josh Evert run the boards at Silver City Studios, which they founded in 2017. Named for its original location in the Silver City neighborhood, the owners kept the name after relocating in 2018 to occupy part of Wash Heights Creative Works, the Vliet Street building that previously housed the West End Conservatory. With a little clever rehabilitation, the space proved well suited to housing a recording studio. Over the last three years they have recorded albums for many established and up-and-coming Milwaukee musicians working in a wide range of styles.

The Silver City engineers bring both audio expertise and their own experiences as musicians—you might recognize them from playing in bands like Mortgage Freeman and Fatty Acids. They created Silver City Studios to fill a gap they saw for musicians in Milwaukee who are ready to move beyond the basement and make a professional recording for the first time, but are daunted by the pressure (or the cost) of entering a studio. They strive to make Silver City an inclusive, comfortable space for musicians of all styles and levels of experience.

The flexibility they offer also appeals to seasoned musicians. Rather than record an entire album at once, some clients reserve time for additional instrument tracking on existing recordings. Other clients may record parts of their songs at home, then come to the studio to record instruments that are difficult to capture well outside of a studio, like drums. In addition to music, the Silver City engineers have extensive experience working on voiceovers, audiobooks, and other types of recording for clients with a variety of non-musical audio needs.

For more information about the services that Silver City Studios offers, and to hear some of the music they’ve recorded, visit

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