Sidewalk Repair Delayed Until May

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If you’ve walked the dog anywhere between HiMount/50th Street and Hawley from North Ave. to Vine, you’ve often had to navigate over broken sidewalks, uneven pathways and hunks of missing pavement. You’ve probably also seen the spray-painted marks indicating that something is going to be done about it.

IMAG2047The city’s plan to reconstruct neighborhood sidewalks has been put on hold until May so construction won’t disrupt school at Mount Olive and St. Sebastian. Gerard Berendt, the city’s sidewalk repair specialist, says they’ll work a block at a time to get the 92,000 square feet of repaving done over about six weeks. The area near the schools will be done last.

A removal crew from Snorek Paving will get rid of the bad areas, with the construction crew following. The plan is to close individual streets for less than a week at a time. Property owners will pay for the work – but you likely won’t get the special assessment for two years. If you sell the property, the assessment will come up in a title search.


Gerard Berendt, City of Milwakee – 414-286-2444 – For questions about the project or your assessment.

Jim Snorek, Snorek Paving – 414-763-9677 – For questions about the work and schedule. Snorek also can do private work within the boundary, including replacing driveways and side sidewalks.

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