Housing and Appearance 2015 Landscaping Awards

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Consistent with the WHNA mission, goals, and by-laws, the Housing and Appearance Committee conducts an annual Landscape Award Program.  The program recognizes and rewards residents who maintain landscapes that reflect favorably upon the neighborhood and that enhance its attractiveness and image.  This is an excellent way for the  association to promote and encourage these activities.  To this end, one outstanding property is selected in each of the nine subdivisions of the neighborhood.
It is the intent of the Committee, to use selection criteria that are attainable for most, if not all, properties in the Heights.  It is also our intent to select a new winner in each area each year and to avoid repeat winners.  There is also a conscious effort to avoid granting awards to current WHNA officers and board members.
As was the case last year, an online survey instrument was used to gather nominations from the general public within the Heights, for either themselves, or neighbors.  This year’s survey generated nine nominations, some of which did become award winners.  The remainder of the nominees and winners were identified by a comprehensive street survey, con-ducted by the committee.
Award winners have received printed and framed award certificates from the WHNA, and also merchandise gift certificates from Barcelona, Artful Living, a local merchant on Vliet Street  Special thanks go out to proprietor Lynita Wolf (aka Queen Bee) for her generous contribution toward the face value of the certificates.
Judging Criteria
The Committee recognizes that there are a myriad of possible personal preferences for landscape layout, design, and execution.  However, we are confident in the principle that selected preferences must also be appropriate to our urban environment.   Many different elements may be used including: trees, shrubs, annuals, per-ennials, food produce varieties, lawns, fences, mulching, stone/masonry, and even water features. However, they should be executed in a manner mindful of our urban setting. To that end the committee will use the following to judge each landscape:
1. Pleasing to look at
2. Proportionate/scaled to the space available
3. Well cared for (healthy plantings, few weeds)

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