Who Can Advertise?
Any legitimate business or organization can advertise in the Highlighter subject to available space. Advertisers must have a business name, street address and phone number. Advertising is not available to businesses whose only address is a PO Box. Click here to view the WHNA Advertising Policy.
The Highlighter is distributed 4 times per year to approximately 3,700 households.

Ads are available in several sizes – Business Card, 1/4 page, 1/2 page and full page. In addition to ads printed in the newsletter. WHNA requires prepayment for advertising.  Click to download the most current WHNA Ad Contract/Order Form.     To place an order, mail a completed ad order form along with payment to the address on the order form.


Artwork must be submitted electronically. PDF format is preferred but we can also process artwork in some other formats.

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